“Dear Violet”

Thank you for establishing Lunch Actually! I have been your faithful customer since 2009. And I’m still here today in 2015 :)

Throughout my journey here, I have met many, many fabulous people and great opportunities. All these would not have been possible without you. Glad to see Lunch Actually’s steady progression (and expansion) throughout the years and I pray for prosperity, success and love to surround you in all that you do.

Also read in recent news that you are hiring a Chief Happiness Officer to care for your cupids’ welfare! That is so revolutionary!! And so caring and wise of you too :)

Very grateful for you, Violet. God bless you abundantly!!

May I also take this opportunity to share that I am very impressed with your staff – Miss Rose Wan.

Having been a long term client, I am used to the style of date arrangements hence I seldom call to speak with the consultants.

However, during one of the package renewals, I met Rose and shared with her my concerns and challenges. She displayed exemplary client-centric service: she was patient, non-judgmental, encouraging, personal, sweet; her energy was also bubbly and infectious.

Because of Rose, my experience with Lunch Actually is intimate and awesome.

For musing sake, once I’ve had a date (a top banker) who shared with me that he found Rose so convincing and outstanding he just couldn’t say no to signing up! Haha!

She is definitely a Magnificent value-add to your LA team!

Wishing all a great start to 2015 and may love and happiness blossom for everyone.