Dear Violet,

I would like to thank your team of dating consultants for an excellent job. Last year, when I first went to Lunch Actually for a consultation on the signing up of packages, Adrina, the dating consultant, explained to me in detail on the features of each of the packages such as payment, profiling etc without fuss. One of the reasons why I decided to sign up the dating package was only due to her detailed explanation. Of course, throughout the whole time, she was very bubbly and enthusiastic when explaining the details to me.

The next people to thank are Rose and Ivy. They coordinated my dates without fuss and whenever there were last minute changes (like my dates putting their membership on hold when the dates were arranged), they would inform me first hand. As usual, both are very bubbly and enthusiastic throughout the time I was with them this year.

Next, I thank Amelia for going through in detail with me the renewal prices for the packages. She responded very quickly to my suggested appointed time (Monday, 2.30 pm) on Monday morning as I had only sent in the email on this on Sunday night. She pointed out that there was no cooling off period for renewals which was something I had never thought of. Next, she advised me on the differences between signing for one package of ten dates and two packages of twenty dates but still let me decide the number of packages to sign on. Of course, she was very bubbly and enthusiastic throughout the whole time.

The next group of people to thank are Kydon and Phyllis. They gave me lots of advice on what to do with my body language when interacting with the ladies. I always thought that asking for a lady’s contact at an event was being thick-skinned until they told me it is perfectly alright to do so because the lady might be keen on me. In the Revel event, I ended up getting 9 ladies’ contacts. It was a life-changing experience for me. I do not know what the outcomes are by going out with them but I can safely say even if they didn’t work out for me, I am confident to go into the next singles event and ask for the ladies’ contacts.

To conclude, I can see that your company has trained your staff well in service excellence.They were all bubbly and enthusiastic. I have never come across such friendly yet humourous staff. Oh. I also realised that the ladies are very well-dressed and tactful. Were they sent on dressing and image courses? I got to admit that they are pretty. If I didn’t know them and happen to bump into them in a singles event, I would have thought they are eligible dates.

Have a good week ahead.