Alex and Ashley (Married)


Myself and Ashley have been couple since we were first introduced through Lunch Actually on October 2012. It took us a few dates, but when we did meet, it all feels so right. Our romance blossomed after a week from our first meeting &, since then, we still can’t take our eyes out of each other. We didn’t think things would be so great, let alone grow so fast in the short time of less than 2 years of knowing each other.

What can we say? Lunch Actually’s meticulous categorizing of a person’s characteristics & requirements has led to our successful partnering. It does make sense using your service as oppose to normal conventional dating whereby the chances to meet your ideal partner is slim (not to mention the time, effort & cost). Even internet/online dating does not feel natural compare to this. Everything has accumulated to the success of our relationship, and great chemistry we have for each other. For this, we could not have asked for more. Thank you Lunch Actually for setting us up & changing the course of our lives.

Today, we are happy to announce our engagement & are busy preparing for our upcoming wedding day on 19th July 2014.
For an end note, we would like to share with those who are considering using Lunch Actually or who are looking for a professional service that is worthwhile.

“It does work. It can happen. Take up Lunch Actually’s service to find your ideal partner.”

*Also, a special shout out to Feonn for her consistent, professional & friendly follow through. Thank you for your great service & also for coming to our surprise engagement party. See you at the wedding!!!