A happy client

“The Experience And The Friends Made Are All Worth It”

“If you would want me to sum up my experience in Lunch Actually so far, I guess it is the good work and always cheerful attitudes of both yourself and Cheryl that keeps me engaged and hopeful in the process.

The attention to details, high EQ and ever positive attitudes of both Cheryl and yourself helps to make this journey less intimidating. It is as though I am speaking to a good girlfriend who is providing insights to the secrets of the “other side”.

I was rather hesitant on joining this PROGRAM initially because I guess like many others, we are often fearful of the unknown. But I am glad that I had taken the first step on this journey, knowing that there is a good support system in place. I do not know whether I will find a soul mate at the end of this but I am optimistic that there may be a pot of gold somewhere down that rainbow. Even if not, I must say that the experience and the friends made at the end of the dates are all worth it.

To the team at Lunch Actually whose names I have not mentioned (all the unsung heroes), here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all of you! It is all felt and appreciated. Great JOB so far! Keep up the good work.

Know that you are helping two solitary TRAVELERS find their way to each other today… Cheers and have a great day ahead!”